nightlight Canada

a safe place to build meaningful relationships

nightlight Canada

A safe place to build meaningful relationships

nightlight Canada a multi-denominational Christian ministry that operates drop-in centres that service those on the margins. We believe that one of the most devastating and under-addressed forms of poverty is relational poverty. nightlight seeks to address this through adult drop-in centres, safe places to build meaningful relationships, where we invite in anyone, including those who would normally be excluded. We serve refreshments and offer a place for people to play games, chat, and build relationships.

We draw our volunteers from area churches, giving church members the opportunity to spend time with people with whom they would never likely have contact. Many of our volunteers have said that, while they came to nightlight to help share the love of God, they themselves have been touched by the community of guests who come through our doors.

Part of our ethos is the elimination of the distinctions that place some people over other people. We seek to build life-giving relational communities in which everyone is included without precondition, just as God’s grace reaches out to every person without finding favour.

The locations tab in the main menu will allow you to look at our operating locations (presently 3, one in Belleville, ON, Cambridge, ON and one in Kingston, ON) where you can find our hours and addresses.

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The video below was produced by our partners at SIM Canada. It shares some testimonies of guests and volunteers in our community.

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