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Reality vs. Sterotypes

Everyone (Who Counts) Is Just Like Me In our culture its easy to fence ourselves off from people who aren't like us. Chances are we live in a neighbourhood where people are from a similar socio-economic background. The people we work with are often like us. We worship...

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Where is God in the midst of my plenty?

by Peter Law Autonomy versus Interdependence It's easy to think that pain, suffering and disappointment would keep us from knowing God. We might conclude that an all-loving, all-powerful God should make all my problems go away, so the presence of struggle in my life...

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Coldest Night of the Year 2016

What is Coldest Night of the Year? Coldest Night of the Year is nightlight's biggest fundraising event of the year. It's a nation wide walk on February 20th to raise funds for charities that work with the hungry, the homeless and the hurting. In Belleville and...

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Sleep on Park Benches,

by Kelly Oribine I guess I always knew that Belleville needed a homeless shelter.  But it wasn't until I came to know the people in need of shelter that I was moved to action.   For the past two years I've been involved with nightlight Belleville, first as a volunteer...

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The Mission of the Church

by Peter Law the Mission of the Church: Where Does It Come From? The missional church movement is all the rage in discussions about what the church ought to be. Nailing down precisely what it means is difficult, even for the people who started the movement. However,...

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Dinner with Friends

by Cyndi Crowder There are lots of great things about the holiday season! Things like food and presents and food and parties and then there’s always food and friends! In fact food plays a BIG part in all are times of celebration, whatever they may be. In the past week...

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