by Cyndi Crowder

There are lots of great things about the holiday season! Things like food and presents and food and parties and then there’s always food and friends!

In fact food plays a BIG part in all are times of celebration, whatever they may be.

In the past week I’ve enjoyed an intimate dinner party with 8 close friends, a bigger dinner party celebrating a ballet recital, an amazing potluck at work and tonight I was honoured to participate in a big community dinner hosted by Nightlight Belleville! Don’t worry, I’m pacing myself.

Jesus understood the importance and communion that develops when you sit down and dine with someone. No doubt those intimate dinners with his disciples were special to Him. Probably there were inside jokes as well as times of deep conversation and sharing of each other’s hearts. Then there were the big parties like weddings or when some unsavory characters would invite him for a time to get to know each other better. Finally he would open the heavenly wallet and feed thousands en masse.

Tonight the nightlight Belleville volunteers and others had dinner with friends; all were invited, we fed whoever walked in the door.


We served them with smiles and genuine love for our fellow man.
Photo-2 Photo-3


We sat with them, shared inside jokes and times of deep sharing and encouragement. Hungry tummies were filled. There was laughter and singing and appreciation filled the air.

During the holiday season I hope you enjoy times of food and fellowship. And I hope you get opportunities to commune with your fellow man, and share dinner with friends, whether they be old or new.