During our recent visioning process, we set out our new mission statement, “We mobilize people to overcome exclusion though life-giving relational communities” (see our previous post for more details). At its heart, this statement is really about what we try to do. Another key part of our vision is our motivation, why we do what we do ? After some soul-searching, we came up with 4 core values that we value that shape the way we carry out our mission statement.

We recognize that as a Christian organization, there is a tendency for us to put things like Worship and Love as core values. We affirm the importance of these things, but for the purposes of our list, we’re focusing on what makes nightlight distinct from other organizations and churches.

Our Core Values

1. Creating Safe Places – Creating warm and hospitable environments in which relationships can flourish

2. Embracing Diverse People – Seeing the image of God in every person

3. Transforming Together – Encouraging each other to align with the heart of God

4. Living in Companionship – recognizing our mutual need of one another

Explaining these core values will take a little space, so in future blog posts we’ll dive a little deeper and tell you about the things that make us, as an organization tick. Stay tuned, and feel free to comment (please try to keep things civil if you disagree with us or with another commenter).