I am interested in volunteering – how do I start the application process?

We require all potential volunteers to contact our director for an initial meeting/interview. At that time, all successful candidates will be asked to complete the volunteer application and return it with (1) two references letters and (2) a criminal record check (those with a record may still be able to volunteer).

If I am a volunteer, can I use nightlight as a reference?

Once you have completed 50 hours of volunteer work, a letter of reference can be issued upon request to assist in resumes and/or school requirements.

Does nightlight offer occasional volunteering?

Because many of our guests are experiencing a great deal of change, stress, and inconsistency in their lives, we try to maintain as much stability and consistency as possible. nightlight is first and foremost about building meaningful relationships. This takes time and needs to be frequent and regular. We ask that volunteers be open to (1) joining a weekly team, (2) working its normal shift (about 3hrs), (3) give a minimum 6 month commitment (students and some others might be offered an exception).

There are other ways we can use occasional volunteers, though! We are always looking for occasional help with building maitenance, special events, cleaning and more!

Please contact us and we can discuss what works best for you!

How long can I expect my shift to be?

An average shift is going to be about 3 hours but there can be exceptions from time to time. Volunteers are asked to come 25 minutes early and stay 5-10 minutes after closing.

What are some of the jobs that volunteers can do?

We are fortunate to have many talented and skilled volunteers and strive to create as many roles for them as possible. Please check out our Volunteer Positions page.

If I am in recovery, can I come in and volunteer?

We understand that many who may want to volunteer are struggling and fighting against difficult things. We want what’s best for you so please feel free to share any concerns you may have and we’ll do our best to find a place for you.

As a volunteer, can I access any of nightlight’s services?

Yes. We strive to be community oriented, which means we’re here to help everyone and anyone, no matter what your official role is. Please discuss needs with our director so that integrity and transparency is maintained.

Are there any volunteer opportunities for people with special needs or limited mobility?

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and work hard to find a place for everyone. People with special needs are encouraged to apply and we can accomodate most physical needs as most of our opportunities are not physically demanding. Help us to understand your specific needs so we can help you become part of the family!

I have community service hours to complete – can I do them at nightlight?

People who are required to do community service can complete them, in full or in part, at nightlight. Those seeking a placement at nightlight should (1) bring an official letter from the person to whom they are responsible, stating the terms of the work and (2) need to confirm with the proper authority that work at nightlight is suitable to their needs. nightlight will not acknowledge hours retroactively.

Can I bring a friend along on my volunteer shift?

Yes, as long as it has been discussed with the director prior to the shift. We welcome all and encourage volunteers to invite people to nightlight. We do, however, want to be cautious that our time is devoted to our guests. If a balance between our guests and our invitees can be maintained, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Are there volunteer opportunities available for those under 18 years of age?

In order to join one of our teams, we require all our volunteers to be 18 year of age or older. This is to ensure for everyones safety as some of our guests may have legal restrictions regarding minors.
We do, however, have opportunities for youth to be involved behind the scenes with maintenance projects, cleaning projects and more.

Youth leaders are encouraged to contact us to begin a dialogue in how we can help.

We offer many family friendly activities throughout the year, which are safer for younger children. Please contact us for more information.