The nightlight Canada team is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Kelly Oribine, to the position of Executive Director for our Belleville drop-in location!

This marks an exciting step in the growth of our newest location, as well as within the overall ministry! While preparing to open and during the past six months of operation, we have witnessed God draw together an incredible community to support one another in facing the challenges of poverty within the city of Belleville. Moving forward, the Executive Director (Belleville) will continue this work by coordinating local efforts, fostering leadership development, and maintaining the ministry vision of nightlight in Belleville.


The nightlight Canada team is thrilled to have Kelly Oribine filling this role!  Kelly has been embraced within both the nightlight community and within the wider community as someone who advocates for others, is passionate in her faith, and has optimism that positive change is possible when people enter into safe places where meaningful relationships can be established.  Kelly, along with her husband, Luke, are uniquely gifted for the work at nightlight as they have substantial experience in similar centres in other cities.  Welcome Kelly!


As you know, Ben Platz, our planting director, has been acting as the local Executive Director for Belleville for the past 6 months of operation as well as the year leading up to its opening.  He will now act in a supportive role to Kelly and her team in Belleville.  He will continue to be involved as he has grown to love the people of Belleville, but encourages you to begin to direct your communications to Kelly going forward.  He endorses Kelly in this position and asks the wider Belleville and Kingston communities to meet Kelly and get to know her as the inspiring person he has come to know.

The local nightlight Belleville contact information (where you can reach Kelly) is and 613.827.4228.